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Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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  • Amir-i Hajib —    Officer in charge of the royal court in the Delhi sultanate as well as in its predecessor, the Ghaurid Empire, who was sometimes referred to by the Turkish designation barbeg. He was a military chamberlain who often acted as commander in the… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Kafur Hazardinari, Malik — (? 1316)    A personal slave of Ala al Din Khalji purchased in Gujarat at the high price of 1,000 di nars, thus the dubbing hazardinari. In his early career, he held the of fice of barbeg and is also reported to have fought against the Mon gols… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Salari, 'Izz al-Din Muhammad — (? 1240?)    He served in In dia since Muhammad Ghauri s time (d. 1206), and under Iltutmish (1211 1236) he held the position of barbeg. Salari initially sided with powerful nobles headed by Nizam ul Mulk Junaidi, who had refused to recognize… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Ulugh Khan — (? 1315?)     Ala al Din Khalji s brother who was originally known as Almas Beg. He was made barbeg and entitled on his brothers accession (1296) as Ulugh Khan. After he defeated a large Mongol invading horde in the Punjab (February 1298), Ulugh… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

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